Glamour and celebrity in a photo booth, Manchester

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We get asked a lot about where our most exciting events take place. Every event is exciting in its own right, of course; we love seeing the different styles of wedding and we’ve seen some stunning ideas for parties. Of course, all our customers have fantastic taste… they are hiring a dreambooth branded photo booth, after all!

But for variety and glamour, it’s hard to go past Manchester (although we will, we’ll go as far north as you like!).  We’ve had hundreds of photo booths in Manchester at private parties, weddings, bar mitzvahs and birthdays. We’ve also done our fair share of corporate events, including an event for La Senza at Selfridges in the Trafford Centre and another of our famous New Look events.

What many people are really interested in, of course, are our celebrity encounters. And while our lips must remain firmly sealed about some of our booth visitors, we are allowed to discuss a few of the celebrity sightings we’ve had.

Like Manchester United player, Danny Welbeck’s 21st birthday. Held in one of Manchester’s top hotels, the champagne was flowing and the crowd was on form. Team mate Patrice Evra was in attendance, along with Corrie’s Brooke Vincent. You can see a small selection of the photos on our Photo Booth Manchester page – anyone else you can spot?

So, are you needing a guaranteed hit at your ‘do’? Pick up the phone and hire a photo booth in Manchester today! You’ll be in good company…

photo booth manchester danny welbeck

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